Sunday, October 14, 2012

my instagram week

Here's my week in cell phone pictures. No fancy camera, but bits of our life captured nonetheless. 

Last Sunday, Greg and I were getting all domestic.

Which is entirely different than having a domestic.

We made a fresh batch of laundry soap. And by we, I mean Greg made it while I flitted about the kitchen, took a picture, and generally got in the way.

Continuing in the domestic vein, I made Heather a new skirt since she asked so nicely. She wanted more than one skirt, but I told her to slow down, girl.

And here she is Monday morning at school wearing her new skirt.

She insisted I get a shot of the flower she wore in her hair that matches her skirt perfectly.

Lunches don't always get fully eaten at school ~ not enough time. So what better snack to have at dance while your sister is taking her class but your left over lunch?

We had picture day at school this week. Since I was due for a little hairapy, I went a little nuts and cut over six inches of hair off. I could say this was a spontaneous move, but I've been contemplating it for the last couple hair appointments.

And because I can never leave well enough alone, I will grow my hair out again someday. As soon as I get bored of this.

Today I worked on a little project Sharon is anxious to receive. Unfortunately, I didn't get much further than this because I answered the siren call of my bed for a nap, then there was grocery shopping, dinner, etc. You know, responsible adult stuff. My aim is to have them done by the end of the week.


Keep your fingers crossed, Sharon.

life rearranged

Sunday, October 7, 2012

instagram friday ~ but rarely on a friday

For Stephanie's 13th birthday party, she had five friends over for the evening. Three of them spent the night. She didn't want a big deal ~ just hanging out. The lack of a big deal made my life easier, but I have to say, I felt a little guilty not making sure they had activities to do. The main thing she wanted to do was watch The Titanic.

And hang out.

I guess this is what it's like to have a teenager.

So I made grilled chicken, baked potatoes, and salad. She has a vegetarian friend, so the baked potatoes and salad made sure she had something substantial to eat.

She requested mini cheesecakes for her birthday dessert. That's easy. I also made Rice Krispie treats. At a respectable hour, Greg and I went to bed and told the girls to stay in the house and not burn the place down. I woke up at some point in the night and smelled popcorn. When we woke up in the morning, there were no more cheese cakes and no more Rice Krispie treats.

Holy cow.

It made me remember jr. high sleepovers and our bottomless pits of stomachs.

The kids decorated for Halloween this last weekend after the sleep over. They did the whole thing themselves {with a nudge or seven two from me}. 

The fun never ends! I am always making something for school. This week we reviewed odd and even numbers with an Around the Room activity. The kids love this because they don't keep still. They move around the room for the whole deal. 

Thus the name ~ 

Around the Room.

Choices. Choices.

Do I read while the kids are at dance or grade papers? I am always so behind at work that I feel compelled to grade the papers. After all, I did drag them all the way across town with me. 


I read my book.

Those papers will still be there later.

Not sure what happened to the rest of the week that flew by so fast!

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life rearranged