Sunday, September 30, 2012

zombie apocolypse?

A few weeks ago, the kids asked me if they could cut up some old clothes {holding said clothes up for me to see}. Fun Mom said, "Sure, go ahead."

So they took their clothes, scissors, markers, and finger nail polish outside and got to work. They decorated & cut. Then I hear the hose.


Well, of course, they need to get the clothes wet before they drag them through the dirt. 

Um. Ok.

Then they asked to use my make up, because Stephanie's make up bag didn't have enough variety. Fun Mom answered them again. They spent the better part of the next hour in my bathroom transforming themselves...

...into zombies. All this effort was intended for a zombie movie. Of course Fun Mom handed over her little flip camera for this.

Fun Mom did have to draw the line when they sprayed hot sauce on the block wall for "blood."

How can they be scary when they're so cute?

They didn't want to smile for this photo shoot. I did finally get them to smile for a picture, but it turned out blurry ~ maybe because I was laughing.

I love that they spent the afternoon getting along and being creative!

Watch out for zombies at your house!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

time for school

This was our first week back to school. Whew! Let me tell you that every girl in this house is T I R E D!

Well, not after a nice little nap today.

But all week we were wiped out!

A couple of the days I caught people taking naps after school. One night I was so exhausted I thought I might fall asleep in my dinner like a toddler. So tell me how that was the night I ended up staying up until eleven watching America's Got Talent? That's not even a show we watch on a normal basis. There is no reasonable explanation.

Even though we fully prepared for the first day of school by ironing the night before and making sure back packs were set to go, we ended up running almost late. We had to rush these pictures.

Stephanie is beyond excited that the dress code at her school was changed a bit and now she can wear any color collared shirt instead of the few certain colors she was limited to last year. She could not wait to wear her pink shirt.

Heather is in 5th grade this year. She loves her class! She loves that her BFF is in her class for the first time since 2nd grade. Heather had a little bit of a rough year that included some bullying aimed in her direction last year, which was an emotional drain on both of us. This year has been so refreshing. She is excited about school again, which makes this teacher mama's heart happy

Stephanie is in 8th grade. She's loving her year too. Even though she spent five weeks this summer going to an enrichment "school," she was ready to start the year. She has a couple of classes with her BFF and likes all her teachers, even the ones that seem a little scary. She is excited to join a club after school. 

After dropping Stephanie off, Heather and I headed to our school for our last first day that we will have at the same school together.

Heather helped me get a few last minute things ready before the little kiddos arrived. This included test shots of the first day photos I planned on taking of my students. In the end, I took the kids outside and took their pictures in front of a tree.

I am thrilled to be back in 2nd grade. My class is sweet. There are a couple of boys who will be learning some self-control this year and what it feels like to keep their thoughts in their head. Other than that, we'll be having a great time. I've already busted out the paints. They handled that pretty well ~ I think I was the only one who got paint on a shirt ~ so we'll be able to do lots of fun stuff. FYI ~ Flowy shirts and bending over tables with paint and paint covered paper do not mix.

See you on the playground!