Sunday, May 19, 2013

365 drawing

So...I started this new thing.

There's always a new thing around here.

Anyway, I started a 365 Drawing project. Except, because of busy schedules and my need for sleep, it is more of a draw-when-I-can project.

Back in January, I came across a 365 Drawing challenge. I've been wanting to practice my drawing skills more & generally spend more time doing art, so this seemed like a perfect way to do that.

There have been some duds along the way ~ like the time I drew a face that looked like it belonged on a wanted poster, not in my drawing pad. But for the most part, I'm having a good time practicing. Some have turned out better than I hoped and I like to go back and look at them.

I've been working in pencil, colored pencil, and ink. I have a bag all set up that I take to the kids' dance classes with me. Right now I'm working with a smallish sketch book (5x7), but when this one is full I have a bigger one (8x11) ready to go.

I have also gotten a little behind because I am rarely satisfied with quick sketch ~ I gotta finish it.

Sometimes, the hardest part is coming up with ideas to draw. That's how the Batman in the first picture came about. It was a request of my little nephew, Gavin.

I post my 365 Drawings on Instagram. If you want to follow along, I'm daffodilsanddaisies on Instagram.