Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunday Night Blues

No, I don't have my days mixed up.  I know it's not Sunday yet.  But I've already got the Sunday Night Blues. They started yesterday, in fact. My friend, Charlotte, and I have a term for the way we feel the night before going back to work after a longer break (what-used-to-be-summer, Christmas vacation, track break) and that is Sunday Night Blues. Although we may be excited about the teaching moments to come, we are blue that our vacation is over.  This doesn't really happen on regular weekends and once we get back in the swing of working again the blues go away.  Thank goodness for that! Charlotte is very organized and manages her time perfectly so she always gets her to-do list done.  Me? Not so much.  I am organized in my head only and have the worst time management.  The fact that I am sitting here typing this right now just proves the point. Plus, my list is never-ending. I will never be done. Sure I accomplish a certain number of things, but never what I imagine. So, the blues are here. To make things better (yeah, right) I have to go to school today and do my lesson plans because I was so excited to be on break I just walked out of my class room leaving all the mess and no planning!  Not very smart, but worth it at the time. The upside?  The kids love to go to school and play while I'm working. 

Friday, October 26, 2007

Life ~ as Measured by Hannah Montana

This summer while Greg was home from his hand surgery, Heather would ask him how long until the next event.  Most of the time she wanted to know when Stephanie and I would be home from school. Now, since 5 year olds have a hard time understanding time (heck, sometimes I have no concept of time...stop laughing) he told her how many episodes of Hannah Montana it would take for the time to arrive.

Just now, Heather finished her bead necklace while I was working on the computer.  She wanted to get Stephanie up.  Stephanie, not a morning girl, wouldn't budge.  I told her to give her 10 more minutes and try again. Heather said, "How many Hannah Montanas is that?"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Look Ma - No Cavities!

Today the kids had their cleaning and check up at the dentist.  One of Stephanie's teeth had been loose lately.  When she found out she had an appointment, she starting worrying because she was sure that if he saw the tooth in it's very wiggly state he'd want to pull it.  It's happened to her once before and he was not gentle enough in her opinion.  Plus, what dentist can pass up such a wobbly treat?  I think she over wiggled it just to get it out. During breakfast she pulled on it and it came out.  She said it didn't hurt at all.    

Both girls were very cooperative for their cleaning.  Wobbly teeth aside, they get excited when they hear it's time to get their teeth cleaned. Heather says she likes to get the toy. Even Stephanie likes to get her teeth cleaned even though she's been through more than her fair share of pain with all the appliances she's already had to have in order to give her more room for her permanent teeth.  Good news! No cavities! Music to every mom's (and dad's) ears. What gorgeous smiles! 

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Visiting Arizona

Last week we visited my brother and his wife in Arizona.  We had a great time doing not much at all.  Very relaxing.  I read half a book while we were there. We had dinner at Kim's mom's house one evening.  She had pumpkin shaped sugar cookies ready for the kids to decorate along with McKenna.  Oh my gosh! Sprinkles everywhere!  We had a picnic at a train themed park and rode the mini train.  The weather was so nice.  I thought the boys might fall asleep under the trees.  Kim and I also made it to several scrapbook stores preparing for our upcoming Scrapaway weekend.  I probably have too many projects planned...but better too many than not enough. One night I was thinking about my projects so much that I couldn't sleep.   

The kids had a great time with their uncle!  They just love Brent to pieces.  I'm sure he didn't mind all the extra snuggles.  On one of the days Brent had to work, Heather asked about him nonstop. Where's Brent? When will he be home? 

We were sad to leave. :(  It was so nice to spend time with them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Welcome to my first blog!  Sure, I should be cleaning or doing laundry (both of which never seem to end).  But this is more fun, isn't it?  

I'm on track break and so far having a really nice, relaxing time.  The kids are enjoying being at home too.  They always find something to do.  Right now they've made a makeshift craft area in the living room.  They are watching tv and making cards for various relatives.  

Ok - now I'm going to do some crafts.  :)