Monday, January 7, 2013

menu plan monday - january 7

Today it's back to school for the kids and me. I am excited to see my friends and the students ~ but I was just getting used to being a stay at home mom. When is spring break?

I have another menu plan for you! I am on a roll, people.

This week we will have:
  • taco soup
  • sloppy joes
  • crescent roll chicken
  • spaghetti - homemade meat sauce
  • marinated chicken & potatoes

Greg doesn't really love the crescent roll chicken, but we have crescent rolls and plenty of cream cheese. I'm going to see what I can do to change it up a little. If it's fabulous, I'll let you know all about it. 

Are you eating from the pantry this month? How's that going for you?

As I've mentioned before, our grocery store has case sales in January. And we did partake this week. How can you pass this up when it's food you will be eating anyway? It's better to get it on sale! Because of the case sale we overspent my primary goal of $140 a week, but I kinda knew it was going to happen. 

Walking up to the register Greg said that he thought our basket was about $180. Nah, I told him. I said it was more like $100, knowing full well it was not. After the loyalty card deals and coupons our total was $180.11. Sign that boy up for The Price is Right!

So with the overage from this week and the under spending from last week, I am about $25 over for the month. I can make that up in the next three weeks. 

Challenge accepted!

I think.

I'm linking up with and Good Cheap Eats today.  Hop on over and see what everyone else is doing this week. 


Thursday, January 3, 2013

snow fun

This Winter Break has been relaxing for the kids and full of cousin-sleepovers. Last night they had the third one in two weeks ~ each one with a different cousin. Gianna lives out of state with her mom so the kids don't get to see her often. 

Uncle Tony & Shantel took the kids to the mountains and out to eat several times. They pretty much spoiled them. Their day started off with a trip to the mountains to play in the snow. Stephanie and Heather were so excited to go sledding & be in the snow.  Brrr.

With these girls, I can only imagine the screaming and laughing that filled their house last night.

I used my quiet time to get started on my 2013 calendar project. This is a calendar that was supposed to be done before Christmas ~ you know, for family gifts. 


Thankfully, I have a patient tolerant family. 

Here's the January page.

I just finished August. Woohoo! Almost done.