Saturday, October 23, 2010

even in the rain and even in october

When the kids were much littler, the ice cream man rarely made his way down our cul-de-sac.  We'd all get pretty excited when we heard his jingle. We'd wait. And wait. Pretty soon, the kids could hear it when he was in the next county! We even walked down the street a few times to try to catch him on the street leading to ours. Our success was random.

Pretty soon the proprietor of frozen treats realized that children live down this cul-de-sac and makes his way down the street on a regular basis.  Our girls and the boys across the street couldn't be happier. Last Sunday, the familiar tune rang out in the afternoon and the kids gathered around his van...even in the rain...even in October.  It's still pretty warm here in October.  The word fall means nothing to us.

For just about the first time ever, they bought candy instead of ice cream. Who are you, anyway? Are you sure you belong to me?

I asked them what they got for me ~ "Oh! We forgot!"


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Carpool Queen said...

Orange push-ups.

ALWAYS orange push-ups.