Wednesday, January 25, 2012

tales from the schoolyard

One of my 4th grade teammates brought us all a candy treat today. Too bad I am powerless against Reece's Pieces and these will be gone before the dance class marathon is over tonight. 

Who am I kidding, they are half gone and we've only been here fifteen minutes. 

Have you noticed the lack of schoolyard posts this year (nevermind the lack of any posts in general)? I have come to the conclusion that 4th graders are not quite as hilarious as 2nd graders. Fun? Yes. But they do not bust out the innocently cute comments that the little guys do.  

We do have fun. Especially when we have a spontaneous 2-minute dance party. 

Or when I make them twist up like a pretzel and spell their names backwards to get their brain synapses firing.

Or when we are choreographing dance moves for our recent flag ceremony. 

Or when we have a "snowball" fight while I'm being observed by the assistant principal for my yearly evaluation. 

What can I say - I'm hecka fun! 

And when I'm not busy being fun, we are working hard because there's a lot of pressure for my kids to pass the state test later this spring. And since I'm returning to 4th grade from my 5-year stint in 2nd, I feel like I am really under a magnifying glass. 

Now that I'm all hopped up on sugar, I'm gonna be working on some grading while I watch my pretty girls dance. 

See you on the playground. 


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