Sunday, February 5, 2012

the curse of the dvr

I love our DVR.

I enjoy being able to watch shows when I have time rather than when the networks say I should have time. I love season passes so I don't miss an episode of my favorite shows because I can't ever remember when it comes on. I {big puffy heart} the pause and 8-second rewind features.

We've had a DVR since before the kids were born. We are partial to the one that begins in Ti and ands in Vo. They have never experienced life without one, except the early years and Grandma & Papa's house. They'd tell Papa to pause because they had to go to the bathroom only to find out that they had to actually utilize the commercials!  They were offended that they couldn't watch their favorite shows on demand, but had to wait until they were actually aired. Spoiled much? Grandma and Papa finally saw the light and got their own, much to the relief of my children.


There's always a but.

What should take less time to watch a 30-minute show with fast forwarding through the commercials, can sometimes take upwards of 30 minutes. Sometimes forever.

Because people talk.

Little people have questions about the show, about whether or not they can have an after-dinner treat, about anything on earth. Greg and I pause to have a discussion about something ~ sometimes not even related to the current show.

How did our parents ever watch a complete show with all the interrupting? Where we only allowed to talk on commercial breaks? Probably.

So at our house, unless you are watching all by yourself, it is likely that it will take you longer to watch a show on the DVR than live t.v. because we've always got something to say.

And if we are watching live t.v., we will pause it.


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