Sunday, September 30, 2012

zombie apocolypse?

A few weeks ago, the kids asked me if they could cut up some old clothes {holding said clothes up for me to see}. Fun Mom said, "Sure, go ahead."

So they took their clothes, scissors, markers, and finger nail polish outside and got to work. They decorated & cut. Then I hear the hose.


Well, of course, they need to get the clothes wet before they drag them through the dirt. 

Um. Ok.

Then they asked to use my make up, because Stephanie's make up bag didn't have enough variety. Fun Mom answered them again. They spent the better part of the next hour in my bathroom transforming themselves...

...into zombies. All this effort was intended for a zombie movie. Of course Fun Mom handed over her little flip camera for this.

Fun Mom did have to draw the line when they sprayed hot sauce on the block wall for "blood."

How can they be scary when they're so cute?

They didn't want to smile for this photo shoot. I did finally get them to smile for a picture, but it turned out blurry ~ maybe because I was laughing.

I love that they spent the afternoon getting along and being creative!

Watch out for zombies at your house!


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Danny and Paulette said...

OMG.... They did such a good job!! Is this what they're going to be for Halloween this year?