Tuesday, July 23, 2013

storm chasing

We live in an area with little variation in weather. The summer gives us hot, hotter, and Devil's Inferno. The winter gives us cold, cold & windy, and cold & knock-you-down-at-duty-windy.

So when some summer thunder storms roll in everyone gets a little giddy.

Saturday night Greg loaded Heather and I (Stephanie was at a friend's house) in the truck and we took off in search of a storm that was supposed to be headed our way.

We stopped to try to catch a few pictures of the light show in the heavens.

Greg set up the tripod and took hundreds of pictures in hopes of getting a few choice shots.

We also watched two storm systems go completely by us instead of over us.

At one point the lightning started happening in the clouds right over our heads. It lit up the whole sky, as it jumped from cloud to cloud.


No rain on us.

In this picture, you can see it was raining miles away. 

We were stationed near the outflow of a community lake and could hear the steady trickle of the stream. All of a sudden the sound of the water got louder, much louder. The wind picked up and we heard what sounded like a wall of water coming our way.

Greg screamed, "Everybody in the truck!" We ran and scrambled in the truck and hastily rolled up the windows before we got drenched.

Pfft! Pfft! Only a few drops fell. 

We laughed and laughed!

Then we got a text from Greg's sister that it was raining h.a.r.d. at her house. So of course we took off in that direction and found the rain. We also found quite a few puddles that the big truck couldn't resist. I may have peed my pants just a little on one section of the road.

It's been dry here since.

No more weather excitement.

We certainly are not ready for our own reality show chasing storms, but we sure had a good time on a Saturday night!


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