Friday, May 30, 2014

five for friday: school is almost out

1.  School is almost out and it is a toss-up regarding who is more excited - the teachers or the students. I'm putting my money on the teachers. We really need summer break. I really need people to stop calling me Mrs. Robinson for a little while. 

2. I am working on some new crafty things and of course am looking forward to summer so time will be more of a friend to me and I can get more done - without feeling guilty about ignoring lesson plans and grading. 

3. Just where did this year go? It seems like school started - each of us on our own new adventure - then I blinked and the year is over. I guess I must have been having fun. 

4. I'm also looking forward to spending more time with the girls - time not spent hounding them about doing homework and putting their best foot forward. We haven't done our summer list yet, but I do know that it will include lots of relaxing and fun, plus getting a jump on the community service that is required by each of their school programs. 

5. Three more days. Have I mentioned that school is out very soon? Three more days! I'm so thrilled not to be moving grade levels or classrooms this year that I have been procrastinating getting my room summer-ready. Hmmm - I might have to be spending some quality time in the schoolhouse this weekend. 

Or not. 

We'll see how confident I feel about my ability to hustle my fanny throughout the three days we have left. 

I did mention that school is out in three days, right?


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