Monday, March 7, 2011


No, not the aromatic kind of potpourri ~ just a mish mash of stuff. I'm working on some new items for the upcoming holidays.

The kids were glad to get packed lunches three days last week. That's a miracle these days because I seem to be pushing the time envelope in the morning closer and closer.

Friday night I stayed late at work to write report card comments. This can take a while because I want to make sure to say just the right thing for each child. There are some global statements, like reading levels, that go in every comment. But I also try to mention specific praises or areas of concern/suggestions for improvement.

I came home to this message. It says, "Reserved for Mommy!!" in case you can't tell.

Greg and the kids were watching a movie with popcorn, of course. Heather insisted on saving me some. How sweet!

I spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday at the computer working on my third of the yearbook. I may or may not have waited until the 11th hour to start this. I have one more weekend to work on it and I'm about 33% done. 

I relearned a lesson the hard way on Saturday. I was clipping along working on two collage pages at once. I had the layout done and about half the photos selected and cropped.  All I had to finish was the rest of the selecting and cropping then finalize placement. All of a sudden my application "unexpectedly quit." Those are the computer's words, not mine. When I reopened the files I was met with the unpleasant realization that I had worked for over an hour without saving. 

I know better than that!

That's when my migraine started. 

Sunday went much more smoothly.

I am thankful for Greg for going grocery shopping for us. I am not thankful for the rising prices of food.


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