Tuesday, March 1, 2011

daddy's little helper

Greg has been working on some problem with the sprinklers all.the.dang.day ~ that is after he went grocery shopping this morning after dropping me off at work. I know. Spoiled! He's all mine, girls. You can't have him! Anyway, after he picked Heather and me up from school after her drama practice and went to yet another store with us for some value priced hamburger meat, Heather was excited to hear he wasn't done with the project that never ends sprinkler repair so she can help. Greg was not so enthusiastic about having to work on it now that the sun has gone down and there is the possibility of getting wet.

Greg is always super thrilled when I pull out the camera in the middle of a frustrating job and take pictures of him endlessly. He's filled with an extra measure of joy when he finds out these pictures get plastered on the net for the whole world to see. {Please read with a sarcastic voice.}

Apparently Heather is the hold-this-glued-up-piece-so-dirt-doesn't-get-on-it girl. It's a small, but crucial job.

She, on the other hand, really was super thrilled for me to be messing around with the camera during her helping job. And of course, she wanted to know if these pictures were destined for blogland. Hello? Do you know me at all?


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