Friday, December 23, 2011

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Monday the kids and I headed out to a museum nearby to take our Christmas card pictures. I planned to use this location last year, but the weather mocked me with windy and rainy days. There ended up being no card at all last year. We rarely get our Christmas card out before Christmas ~ that's what the week after Christmas is for at our house!

Oh, and Heather is not showing any skin or unnies on her backside. Her layered cami turned up white in this black and white filter.

The kids had their dental check/cleaning. No cavities here ~ although this one will be having a small procedure done in the summer. She's wigged out about it and keeps asking me if it will bleed. I keep telling her not to worry then change the subject.

Even with all the crap this child has had to endure in her tiny little mouth, she still likes the cleanings too. This time she got a couple of spacers to help some molars position themselves properly.

I finished the kids' Christmas shopping, but not before I got a little White Chocolate Mocha treat for Mommy. A couple of Greg's customers have given him gift cards in the past. He doesn't drink coffee so I get a treat once in a while when it's chilly out.

This year I have been lugging school work to dance class with me. I have spent most of the time grading papers and such, pulling out my book for only a little while if at all. Consequently, it has taken me forever to read this book. I left my school bag at home this week and focused on my book. And watching my pretties dance, of course.

I finished the book this morning. Now I can rent the movie next week.

I've been making pumpkin bread for neighbors and Greg's coworkers this week. Making pumpkin bread during the holidays is a tradition for me that started even before I met Greg. I've only used one recipe this whole time. It's oh so good. Why mess with what's right? There is also a pumpkin cookie recipe that I love.

Hmmm, maybe I'll make some of those too.

I've enjoyed this week off. I have spent time with the kids, gone shopping, baked, wrapped some, and worked on last minute projects. For the first time in a lot of years I am not stressed about the holidays. I am enjoying the moments leading up to it. I still have stuff to get done, and it will get done, but I'm not pulling my hair out over it. I like it better this way.

Today the kids and I are making ornaments.

What did you do this week?


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