Friday, August 3, 2012

rite of passage

The year was 1978 and I wanted to see a movie real bad. I imagine I begged and begged. At that time we didn't go to too many movies cuz my parents were working hard to make ends meet.

My dad took me to see the movie that my little girl heart could not live without and I was oh so happy. Just the two of us went to go see Grease!

Oh how I love this movie! I wanted to be Sandy and dance with Danny Zuko.

I'm not sure if he realized what he was getting himself into. Looking back, I just have to laugh. My dad is quiet and shy ~ most painfully shy. If he can get by in life without saying much, he does. (Side note: when he does talk, he's stinking hilarious.)

I was a pretty naive child. Even though I was regularly exposed to racy English humor watching Benny Hill and other such shows on PBS, I was still naive.

I know my dad must have been dying and shrinking in his seat to sit next to his 10-year old daughter during a movie with so many innuendos! Ha!  Thankfully for his sake, I'm quite certain his little girl didn't understand many of the lines. I know for sure I loved the singing, dancing, and Danny Zuko.

I have been telling Greg that it's time to let the kids watch this movie. It's time for them to experience all the delightfulness that is Grease.

Last weekend we rented it and had family movie time. I snickered to myself at all the lines I knew they didn't really understand. I sang along. I even did some of the dance moves during Greased Lightening. I swooned over Danny Z. all over again.

The kids? Well, they liked it alright.

But I don't think anyone enjoyed it nearly as much as I did.

One day when they are older they will watch the movie again and look back on the first time they watched it and turn a little pink knowing they watched this movie with their parents!


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