Sunday, August 26, 2012

the last day

Even though I reported back to work on Wednesday, today is officially the last day of summer break. Greg had off work this week so he entertained the kids when I had to go back for teacher work days. 

One day he took the girls and our neighbor buddy, Austin, to breakfast with the grandmas and the papas then hiking in the mountains. They had a great time!

The air was cooler. It was reported that they climbed all over everything. (Not bad for a phone pic, huh?)

They went up to an area we've been before that has a "slide" that over time water has carved into a rock. The last time we were there it was dry and the kids slid down it several times. This time, there was water flowing over it from recent rains in our area.


You guessed it.

They slid down nature's water slide.

In their clothes.

Over and over again.

Apparently it was the pinnacle of the day.

Greg texted me this photo with the caption, "The party is obviously over!" They were tuckered out!

Heather and Stephanie have both given out their back-to-school Starburst treats to their teachers. 

Their backpacks are packed. 

First day outfits are decided upon, but not yet ironed. 

They are ready and excited and nervous.

They are a little sad summer is over. 

Tomorrow they will start 8th grade and 5th grade. How did this happen?

This will be a year of lasts for us. This is the last year Heather will be at my school ~ the last year any kid will tag along with me in the mornings and be forced to occupy themselves while I work. The is the last year Mommy will be just down the hall if she needs something. This is the last year Stephanie will be in middle school. 


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