Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunday Night Blues

No, I don't have my days mixed up.  I know it's not Sunday yet.  But I've already got the Sunday Night Blues. They started yesterday, in fact. My friend, Charlotte, and I have a term for the way we feel the night before going back to work after a longer break (what-used-to-be-summer, Christmas vacation, track break) and that is Sunday Night Blues. Although we may be excited about the teaching moments to come, we are blue that our vacation is over.  This doesn't really happen on regular weekends and once we get back in the swing of working again the blues go away.  Thank goodness for that! Charlotte is very organized and manages her time perfectly so she always gets her to-do list done.  Me? Not so much.  I am organized in my head only and have the worst time management.  The fact that I am sitting here typing this right now just proves the point. Plus, my list is never-ending. I will never be done. Sure I accomplish a certain number of things, but never what I imagine. So, the blues are here. To make things better (yeah, right) I have to go to school today and do my lesson plans because I was so excited to be on break I just walked out of my class room leaving all the mess and no planning!  Not very smart, but worth it at the time. The upside?  The kids love to go to school and play while I'm working. 

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