Monday, October 22, 2007

Look Ma - No Cavities!

Today the kids had their cleaning and check up at the dentist.  One of Stephanie's teeth had been loose lately.  When she found out she had an appointment, she starting worrying because she was sure that if he saw the tooth in it's very wiggly state he'd want to pull it.  It's happened to her once before and he was not gentle enough in her opinion.  Plus, what dentist can pass up such a wobbly treat?  I think she over wiggled it just to get it out. During breakfast she pulled on it and it came out.  She said it didn't hurt at all.    

Both girls were very cooperative for their cleaning.  Wobbly teeth aside, they get excited when they hear it's time to get their teeth cleaned. Heather says she likes to get the toy. Even Stephanie likes to get her teeth cleaned even though she's been through more than her fair share of pain with all the appliances she's already had to have in order to give her more room for her permanent teeth.  Good news! No cavities! Music to every mom's (and dad's) ears. What gorgeous smiles! 

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