Monday, November 12, 2007

A Morning to Myself

The kids went to Grandma & Papa's yesterday after lunch. They called and asked to spend the night. Sure ~ why not! We are off school for Veteran's Day today. So, this morning the kids were gone and Greg left for work. What do I do with a morning all to myself? Scrapbook? Paint? Clean? (Are you insane?). Nope, I watched t.v. Yup, sat on the couch like a lump and watched two and a half shows. This after I just told Greg that I felt bad for watching too much t.v. sometimes. Oh well. What was so great was that I didn't have to pause for any questions, referee a fight, to pour juice, cook breakfast, or anything! After the third program I pulled myself off the couch to take a shower and go grocery shopping. Now I'm working on laundry...sort of. See ~ the day isn't totally full of lazy behavior! :)

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