Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tiny Dancers

Stephanie and Heather are taking another year of dance.  This is their third year at this studio and I am continually amazed by what they learn.  Last year Stephanie accomplished the back bend walk over. This week Heather announced that she did it on her own for the first time. I am forever doomed to the audible quick draw of breath inward as they perform their gymnastic moves. It's not just simple cartwheels anymore. This year both girls are taking a combo class (ballet, tap, & gym) and a hip hop/gym class. In previous years, even though the girls were in different combo classes they were scheduled at the same time.  This year they are still in different combo classes, but one after each other. So we are there for two hours on the combo night. Add to that another hour the next night for the hip hop class.  I might go insane! Sometimes the kids work on their homework while waiting...other times not so much.

Stephanie is concentrating on making the same moves as her teacher. 

Heather watches on during Stephanie's class. 

Heather's turn to dance.

Stephanie watches Heather too, but lately she's been wanting to figure the percentages of the papers I'm grading on the calculator.

Stephanie's self-portrait.

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