Saturday, November 10, 2007

Three Divas

Everyone should experience the good life ~ right?  Well, this is no exception for my sweet girls! For several years now, I have taken them to see Stacey for a hair cut every other time I do. I cut their bangs in the in-between time. I'm not bad at it usually. I've even trimmed all of their hair before, but I'm very slow (don't want to mess up) and they get antsy. So, off to get pampered we go! I have introduced my children to the sheer joy of having a hair wash. There's no turning back. Ahh, the warm water, the gentle scalp massage, the peppermint conditioner....hmmm. They think this is the best part too. Then they sit very still and watch in the mirror as Stacey cuts their hair. Stephanie has an opinion about her hair now. Last time she requested some layers. Heather likes it when Stacey uses product in her hair ~ but needs to smell it first. Occasionally they make funny faces in the mirror to entertain themselves. We walked in the salon today just a little normal, maybe even a little blue...but we emerged as freshly styled divas!

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