Sunday, September 6, 2009

at this rate she'll need dentures next month

Heather woke up today and told me that her other bottom tooth was very loose. When I checked her mouth, it was pointed towards me. She said, "I can twist it. Should I pull it?" I told her to go ahead.

It took Heather a while to get teeth when she was a baby. At 10 or 11 months she had only her bottom two. It was at 10 months that she started turning her nose up at baby food. She wanted the real thing. Can you blame her? She ate a lot of small and squishy food for a while!

So it's no surprise to me that she is losing her teeth a little later than most. Some of my students have not only lost their top teeth already, but already have those big replacement teeth that look somewhat out of place in a little mouth.

Heather's top two teeth are loose too. Not ready-to-pull loose, but within the next few weeks I imagine.

In pure Heather style, she started goofing off while I was taking her picture. You know her booty was sticking out and shaking too! When she heard the camera snap she realized what would happen and started begging me to delete it and not put it on the blog. Sorry kid.

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