Wednesday, September 2, 2009

stories from the front line

Sometimes when students are being shy with me, I reassure that I do not bite. Then I add well, not today anyway. I only bite on Tuesdays (or I pick Thursdays ~ whichever is not that day). At some point last week I said it again.

Yesterday someone said to me:

Student: What day do you bite?

Me: Thursdays. You better watch out.


Last week I must have been on a first-week-of-school-high. This week I am beat up. Run over with a semi and drug through the mud kind of beat up. I haven't even come upstairs to check my mail every night. It waits until the morning.

I did, however, manage to make lasagne for dinner last night. It was kind of mediocre. There were no directions on the box of *no cook* noodles to tell me how long and how hot to cook the lasagne. Who does that? Well, I know who and I could tell you who, but I'll be nice. For once. So, even after 45 minutes of cooking they were still a little too firm. Yes, even for me.


There is big news in the dental area in our house. You'll just have to wait until later to see pictures and hear about it.


Greg went grocery shopping for me yesterday on his day off. Love that man! He was perusing the list before he dropped us off at school.

G: Roast. What kind of roast?

A: I don't know. One that's this big (insert visual display with hands).

G: Pork or beef?

A: Beef! We always have beef. (with attitude like he's from another planet for suggesting a pork roast)

G: What kind?

A: I don't know, beef chuck.

G: Beef chuck? If you say that, that's exactly what I'm getting.

A: I don't know. One that's on sale and this big (hands again). One that is red, and looks nice and yummy.

G: With string tied around it?

A: No (seriously, what planet are you from?), just one this big (hand again).

I have no idea what kind of beef roast I buy. I just know what it looks like in the package. And that it's this big (hands).

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Carpool Queen said...

I have never had luck with the no boil lasagna noodles.