Thursday, September 3, 2009


Heather has been waiting and waiting to loose a tooth. First there was tooth-loss envy when Stephanie lost her first tooth at the very end of first grade. When Heather was in kindergarten she came home periodically announcing that so-and-so lost a tooth. I told her she would probably lose one in first grade.

First grade came. First grade went.

No teeth fell out of Heather's pretty little head.

The horror.

In the last few weeks, the first four (yes, I said FOUR) teeth that kids lose have been a bit wiggly, the bottom ones more so. Typical of all kids with loose teeth, she announces their wiggliness incessantly and fiddles with them often. Last week it became apparent that the time for one to go was approaching.

Sunday night she was a bloody mess. She wanted me to take the picture when there was way more blood in her mouth. I declined. She walked around all night holding that blood in her bottom lip like a cowboy cuddles his chew. I had to keep telling her to spit or swallow.

At one point she said she could twist it. Well, it's just a matter of a little yank at this point. Just before bed I tried to get her to let me pull it. I have this great fear that the kids will lose a tooth in the middle of the night, get it lodged in their esophagus and choke to death. All the while I'm comatose counting sheep. I talked Stephanie into letting me pull her first tooth because it was soooo loose at bedtime.

Heather? No way. She said she'd do it herself. She twisted. Then she pulled a face and said it hurt. Well, duh! She twisted again and that bad boy came out!

Heather finally has that toothless grin she has anticipated for so long.

Good thing I just finished her special Tooth Fairy box hours earlier. Stephanie has one just like it (different colors) and I was a little behind on getting Heather's done. Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute, huh?

In it goes, preciously wrapped in a tissue.

Ready for the Tooth Fairy. Heather asked me if I am the Tooth Fairy. I gave the honest truth ~ I am NOT the Tooth Fairy.

In the middle of the night *TF* delivered the cash and spirited away the tooth. Still half asleep and groggy, Heather reached for the box in the morning and was not disappointed.

At school Monday morning, she was eager to show everyone the gap in her mouth. She is so proud of her missing tooth.

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