Wednesday, November 11, 2009

180 acceptable days

There are 180 acceptable days for school nightmares in my book. Well, not really. But if they are bound to happen, it will be best on those days.

When I have the day off (thanks, military guys) and go back to bed after Greg leaves the house at an ungodly hour of o'dark-thirty I should not have school nightmares.

I should not be forced to endure the mind movie that I showed up for parent-teacher conferences (scheduled for next week) to find out that someone trashed my classroom, more specifically my desk, meaning could not find a thing I needed. One of the moms from last year (great mom~great kid) came by to tell me that she needed her conference early because they are moving (because that is totally realistic to give repeated conferences to former students). Then when I tried to print her child's report card my computer wires looked like a ball of yarn after a cat party. Oh, and I could not remember the computer log on. Joy, joy, joy.

The upside to this story is that I woke up and remember that I have the day off and conferences aren't until next week! Woohoo! Plenty of time to get those report cards printed out.

What is the moral of this dream? Maybe I should clean my desk at school.

We'll see.

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Amber said...

Growl. School dreams are the worst. Unless they involve pay raises and one day a week work weeks. And children who don't talk back.