Sunday, November 8, 2009

not what i should be doing

I should be cleaning house and doing laundry. Hmpf, what else is new? We have some new dust bunnies that have moved in. They've overstayed their welcome.

I have 15 and a half more comments of brilliant insight to write on report cards ~ due tomorrow. I have 16 students.

Instead, I am working on this. I got an order for 11 checkbook covers. I'm making 16 for her to choose from and the rest will go in a craft show in two weeks. The fabric is cut out and the appliques are sewn on. Now I will iron on interfacing and construct them.

I will probably take a nap today.

Maybe I will bake some banana bread (but don't get your hopes up, Greg).

But most of all, I will not worry about what doesn't get done.

How about you?

1 comment:

FedUp Dave said...

You know I deserve a loaf of that
banana bread, I'm ya'lls bestest buddy. I get first dibbs before Greg, besides he doesnt need it, he tells me (he needs to cut back). So, I'm gladly waiting...forget everything else and make sum. Im praying for it lol...DC