Sunday, November 22, 2009

i've completely lost all sense of reason now

I keep telling the kids they are not allowed to use the permanent markers in the downstairs drawer. I know that's mean. But, I don't need to find them uncapped and bleeding on the carpet. I don't need to find writing that "accidentally" happened...anywhere! They are allowed to use all of their supplies ~ crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc. all they want.

So just now I heard them in Heather's room saying something about writing on something. I called them in to ask what they were writing on. Stephanie held up a zip top bag and explained what they were doing. On it I saw a blue marker, so I just had to ask if they had the Sharpie. Yes.

I went nuts. I hollered. Loud. I am completely kicked out of the Mother of the Year contest now! Dang!

Then came the coup de gras. I told them if I ever caught them with the permanent markers without permission I would draw a mustache on them and make them go to school like that. I repeated it just so they'd know I meant it.

Stop laughing.

Give me strength!

I think I need a sedative.


Greg said...

I used to care....but now I take a pill for that!

Amber said...

That's a good one....

I'm tucking that away for my next Sharpie hollerfest.

Because I have them.