Thursday, December 3, 2009

into december

We put away all of the fall...

and brought out all of the Christmas.

This week is officially the beginning of my track break. For the first time in a lot of years, I am not stressed about Christmas. I'm not ripping my hair out worrying about how I will get it all done in time. I have the basic outlines of a plan. Some things are even already done. And I have plenty of time to accomplish what I want. Time enough even, to goof off in between. It's wonderful. This year I should not be up until 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve finishing the last of the handmade gifts.

We put up the tree (not just this one, the big one too) and the rest of the decorations. I have a couple of ideas in my head of things to add this year. If it gets done, great. If not, well, that's ok too.

Today we don't have any commitments, but I was thinking I might take the kids to the library. Then maybe to a thrift store to see if I can find something for some ideas I saw around the 'net. But I just heard the wind howl outside the window like a gang of unruly cats. Hmm, maybe we'll just stay here!

I can totally be talked in to just staying in my jammies all day. No problem. Plus, I found a fudge recipe I want to try.

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jrae said...

I just found your blog today. I love it! I looked at all the tutorials you have and they are great. I was wondering if you might be doing a tutorial on how to make the fabric flower lapel pins. They are so cute! I would love to make something like that for my friends, or attach them to a present. Im looking forward to getting to know you!