Wednesday, December 9, 2009

she's a comedian

Last night, Greg managed to scam some foot rubs out of the girls. So he was laying in bed having his feet rubbed. For a long time the three of them were blah, blah, blah talking while I'm trying to ignore them because I was reading. Stephanie started to sing a Christmas song I'd already heard her sing about eleventy thousand times earlier in the day.

So I shushed her.

Greg told her to pick a different Christmas song. She sang a few more, then:

G: Why don't you sing a Hanukkah song?

S: (totally straight-faced) I don't know any. We're not Hanukkan.

Well, alrighty then.


This morning, Greg forgot the key to retrieve his delivery truck keys. He called me at 5:10 (that's a.m., people) to tell me this and ask me to bring it to him. So I roused the children from their sugarplum slumber to take a little drive ~ in the cold, cold, darkness. Nobody got dressed for this venture, we just put coats over our jammies.

When we dropped off the keys Greg asked me if I was going to stop and get the kids donuts since we were out so early. I know I gave him the have-you-lost-your-everloving-mind look. Then he took a good look at me, at my clothes, and said, "Oh, I see. Nevermind."

Nevertheless, I drove that car right for the donut place. Stephanie was the most normally dressed of the three of us. I pulled up right in front of the door where I'd be able to see her. I gave her money and a verbal list of four types of donuts to ask for. I asked her to repeat the list to me and somehow jelly filled was in her list. But jelly filled was not in my list. I told her no and repeated the list, ticking them off with my fingers as I went. She again repeated the list, ticking off her fingers now too. Again jelly filled. No! I told her if she came back with jelly filled donuts I'd spank her!

Good thing for her there were no jelly filled donuts in that box!

Greg thought this was hilarious when I told him when he called us today. He thinks she was messing with me on purpose.



Just to set things straight ~ we asked Stephanie who celebrates Hanukkah. She looked at us like we were daft when told us that Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. Just had to check. Oh, and the kids got foot rubs out of the deal too.


UPS Dave said...

I got a GOOD tickle from this. The funny thing is stephanie was being serious. I totaly saw Greg in her on this one. Way to annoye your wife GRAGORIE (inside joke).No home cooked fudge or the cheesecake chicken for you Greg :))

Jeanneoli said...

You guys are hilarious! I would do a lot of things for a good foot rub:-)