Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the one where rereading and following directions becomes important

Yesterday, in order to save my family from the *Helper* in a box for dinner after dance class, I made something in the crock pot. When we were on our way home, Greg made the rice. I made this Italian chicken recipe that I noticed while online. I picked up the cream cheese during our Target trip and all was good. I poured in the dressing, cubed the cream cheese, and threw it in the crock pot with the chicken.

Before we left the house, I noticed that the cream cheese was not really melting and becoming saucy, so I just stirred it a little. Still a little lumpy. No matter, it will look like the picture by the time we get home.

Um, yeah, still lumpy when we got home. Oh, well, it will taste fine. Looks aren't everything, right? Except that the cream cheese was a little strong. And the gravy was not as creamy as I thought it should be. When the kids were done and out of the room, Greg and I discussed the issues we had with dinner. We brainstormed and decided that adding a can of cream of chicken soup would cream it up nicely and tame down the strong cream cheese flavor. And I was thinking that if I mixed everything up before dumping it into the crock pot it would look a whole lot nicer.

Go read that recipe if you haven't already!

Apparently I have good instincts on how to fix a recipe, but cannot read a recipe correctly the first time. Maybe I should have double checked that recipe when it came time to make it!

This is the second recipe in less than a week that I've messed up. Remember the fudge? I might be starting to have a complex.

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