Monday, March 29, 2010

one-post recap

The past week and a half has just whizzed by, yet has gone so slowly in some respects. Lots of things happened, yet nothing happened at all. Make sense?  Of course it does! It started off strong and promising ~

Heather and Maddy had extended their sleepover to second night.  They had a grand time outside getting some Vitamin D therapy.

The weather was gorgeous and they were happy to be a part of it. 

I spent a fair amount of time working on a project that involves burning the edges of fabric. I worked on this while the kids played outside.  Then I used my needle and thread during our family movie day last Sunday.  Here's just a peek ~ they are not all finished yet.  Burning the edges of fabric? A little addicting, I have to say.

Greg and I were watching Good Eats and got inspired.  We made homemade soft pretzels.  The results were totally easy and tasted amazing!  You should try them.

This is not the performance ~ just goofing off.

Stephanie had her Orff Festival performance at the university.  Thirty schools from our area participate in a performance that involves singing, dancing, and playing instruments.  Only eight students from each school are selected.  Stephanie was honored to be selected. She and her classmates practiced once a week after school since about October. Then there were two long Saturday rehearsals with all the students. Stephanie was awesome!  She has quite a stage presence and smiles the whole time she's up there. She had a great time.

Then...Monday came along.  Monday brought along with it a bout of nausea, vomiting, and well, other.  Lovely, right? It took me the rest of the week to completely recover.  Every time I thought I was going to be feeling better, it hit again.  I spent a lot of time on the couch with my friend, TiVo.  A week whooshed right by me.  A week that Greg had off work.  We should have been going to the museums we'd planned.  We should have been outside.  We should have been doing something else besides what I was doing.  On the up side? A least I had the time to just be a blob on the couch and didn't have to deal with a class full of little people or call in sick.

Right smack in the middle of it all, I was feeling just fine on Wednesday. Suzanne and Aiden came to visit.  The girls took him for a ride on the swing after I showed him the progress of my Greg's prize winning broccoli.

He was duly impressed.

I got some lovely fabric in the mail.  What will I make? Any ideas? Any requests?

Greg is finding new uses for the hurricane sitting on his end table that is currently empty. Maybe that's a hint to put something cute back in them.

And as long as we are riding the classy train, we brought Heather's mattress downstairs and plopped it in front of the television.  When Heather fell asleep while we were watching t.v., we didn't have to wake her to put her to bed ~ she was already there!  Living room sleepovers at their finest, I tell you.

It makes for some convenient morning t.v. viewing too!

Monday is upon us again.

Greg had to go back to work this morning. Sniffle.

I have to work on the yearbook, lesson plans, and report card comments this week. All on spring break. Ok, maybe I shouldn't have procrastinated this long.

Heather is laying on the bathroom floor moaning and crying because she feels like she's gonna puke, but can't. When is the last time that floor was mopped, I wonder?


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Suzanne said...

I love that fabric! Way cute....I think I might need something...ummm, but what should it be?