Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wait and see garden

Last year, we planted some romaine lettuce in the winter.  Greg enjoyed homegrown lettuce for his salad lunches in the spring.

A few months ago, Greg planted some more lettuce seeds.  And some other stuff.  He planted some seeds in the planters in the island since we don't have plants there right now. He just tried out a few different spots in the backyard.  But then, when the shoots started coming up, Greg didn't remember where he planted which seeds.  Ooops. It looks like we have a wait and see garden.

As the first sighting of green, we tried to guess what it was.  He was certain that he planted more lettuce, some carrots, and beans. After the shoots came up more, we were able to tell which were the carrots and lettuce.  The others?  Still a mystery.

Until now.  This plant is broccoli.  Yay!  We love broccoli. 

But right now, even the biggest head on the plant is pretty tiny.

Look what else we found growing in the backyard!  Ha ha!  Heather's buddy, Maddy, had a sleepover at our house last night.  Rumor has it she might be staying another night.  Check out their matching missing teeth.

honeysuckle vine 

Sleepovers in the middle of the week?  Double sleepovers, even?  Say wha?  That's right ~ we're on track break.  And what's even better than track break?  Yesterday started Greg's almost two-week vacation. We are well on our way of messing up our sleeping schedule by staying up too late and sleeping late the next day.  Alarm clock?  What alarm clock?


Carpool Queen said...

I love it when the time changes on our spring track break. It gives me a couple more weeks of sleeping in.

I'm jealous of your garden - We have too many deer, so I only use planters on the back deck. It's enough for a tomato plant and several pots of herbs.


Anonymous said...
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