Monday, November 1, 2010

boo to you!

Stephanie went to a pumpkin carving party at a friend's house Saturday. Normally, we carve the pumpkins on the 30th, but Heather chose to wait until the next day and do it outside.  That girl loves to be outside.  Come to think of it, I think we did it Halloween morn last year too.  Stephanie "supervised" and played with pumpkin goo.

They took their time and did their own thing.  Gone are the days when they don't want to touch the gushy innards.

Heather carefully separated the seeds from the goo so we could roast them. Unfortunately, she forgot to lay them out flat to dry and now they are one big dried up glop in the bowl. Oops.

Jack-o-lantern success.

Afterwards I tortured them with chores.  Stephanie is mystified that she has to do the dishes when she "just did them yesterday." Yes, honey, that's how it works cuz you people keep eating! Then they spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the wonderful weather. Not too hot, hot too cold. Ahhh.

Dress up time! This year Heather was a nerd ~ and such a cute one she was.  She picked this costume with a little encouragement from Suzanne.  Stephanie was a delinquent devil. Although how can you call that face a devil?

 We made our usual "loop" around the neighborhood.  It was a perfect night for being out and about.

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Carpool Queen said...

Love the nerd girl costume. I may have to borrow that one for next year.