Monday, November 29, 2010

first challenge

Stephanie had her first chair challenge in band last week. They were told to practice the "Dreidel Song" for the challenge.

She practiced, and practiced, and practiced the weekend before the challenge. The repeated transition between the high and low notes was difficult for her, especially at full tempo. In steps used-to-play-the-clarinet-mom with a little hint on holding the instrument during the transition. I'm not sure if I helped or confused her. When she was in tears over that darn transition, we gave her pep talks and tips. Greg played in band much longer than I, so he's better at these "band talks."

Her band director is sneaky, I tell you. What a tricky way to get all the kids to practice the hardest song in their upcoming concert ~ over, and over, and over.

She had to wait an extra long time to find out the results of the challenge because one of the oboists was absent and needed a chance to perform. But today she found out that she is FIRST CHAIR! Of course, if you have a texting plan and Stephanie has your number, it's likely she already told you this news after school!

Way to go, little one!


Carpool Queen said...

Oboe is tough! I was a flute girl, myself. Way to go!!!

Danny and Paulette said...

JINKIES!!! I don't think it gets any better than FIRST CHAIR. No prejudice here, I'm just a proud papa. Great job Stephanie.