Monday, February 28, 2011

from february into march

Can February really be over? Time for the February goal recap!

Read 2 books. Nope. Read one. I'm a little behind here.

List 5 new items in the shop. Nope. Listed three.

Clean out and organize the 4 drawers in the kitchen island which have inadvertently become semi junk drawers. Nope. Maybe I'll move this task to spring break.

Make a bread recipe at least once. Nope ~ well, only if you count the cinnamon rolls I helped Heather make on President's Day.

Iron our school clothes the night before to help alleviate morning screaming stress. Yes, but only a few times.

Complete my February photo project. Yes. I might have cheated a little. Like, I meant to take the photo above yesterday, but got busy and forgot. So I took it this morning. This might have happened another time or two, but I'm not saying for sure! 

So, I'm thinking I wasn't so successful on the actual goals this month. But I did finish two big projects that were a challenge for me. 

And there's always March ~ so let's try this again. Let's start fresh. But I'm going to keep it simple. Maybe we can shake it up a little more in April.

  1. Read 2 books.
  2. List 5 items in the shop.
  3. Iron our school clothes the night before.
  4. Make a bread recipe at least once. If I keep saying it maybe it will actually happen.
  5. Complete the March photo project ~ same as February, different month. I hope you are ready for more pictures of fun stuff plus some very random things thrown in. 

Our flowering plum has already begun to flower. I love it when it is covered in the delicate pinkish white blossoms. It's like a beautiful promise.


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