Monday, April 9, 2012

play day at the park

One day last week during our spring break (oh how I miss you, spring break) we took the kids and their buddy Austin to the park. We loaded up the truck with bikes, scooters, frisbees, and helmets they pretended they were going to wear.

The first thing the kids did was zoom around on their bikes while we set up the picnic blanket. You don't think we just brought active gear, do you? Of course, we brought a picnic too. The kids and I stopped by the grocery store deli for some fried chicken and potato salad. I was easily suckered in to macaroni and cheese, fruit cups, and apples & carmel. I'm an easy target sometimes.

Like that quilt? Kinda hideous, but I love it. My grandma made it for me a long time ago and it has always been the picnic quilt. That's the only time it comes out of hiding. There's no mistaking which blanket is ours at the 4th of July fireworks!

The weather was great ~ warmish with a cool breeze. After we ate, the kids rode their bikes, scootered, jogged/walked on the path around the park several times. They even showed their utmost maturity by heckling a couple getting an exercise routine together. From our vantage, the couple was clearly new at this exercise business. But with our butts planted firmly on the picnic blanket, we were not really in a position to criticize ~ except we did.

Greg tried to nap while I read, but the kids visited the blanket at every lap and pestered him. I didn't really get much reading done either because when the kids were on their lap, I kept chatting him up.

In between laps around the park, playing on the tennis courts & playground equipment, and interrupting Greg's nap, there were sweaty snack breaks.

Greg played frisbee with the kids for a little while. I would have, but someone had to hold down that blanket and watch all of our stuff. I know ~ sacrifices.

What a great way to spend an afternoon.


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