Saturday, April 28, 2012

dress up the box

You know I try to cook from scratch to try to control the ingredients that go into our food and decrease the amount of preservatives and things I can't pronounce, right? 


But that doesn't mean I'm totally against a little help from the box.  Especially when Greg's favorite brownie mix goes on sale for a dollar a box.

Using a box doesn't mean you have to be completely satisfied with the plain old box ~ you can dress it up in a little party dress & go somewhere nice. Adding a little something special doesn't even have to be complicated. 

Start with the usual suspects and mix as directed on the box.

See that blue bowl? I got that years ago from a student. It was part of a gift set with pancake mix, syrup, & other stuff in it. It is one of my favorite mixing bowls for brownies, muffins, and well, pancakes.

To the mixed batter add a package of peanut butter chips.

That's it.


The result is a scrumptious, never plain, peanut buttery brownie.

Your family will rise up and call you blessed.

Of course, if you make your brownies from scratch, you can still add a little secret ingredient to fancy up your brownies.

Happy eating!

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