Wednesday, June 27, 2012

swag ~ for free

Do you search the web?

Of course you do.

Do you like free gift cards?

Duh ~ who doesn't?

If you do your searching through Swag Bucks, you can earn "swag bucks" that can be redeemed for tons of things, including merchandise and gift cards. I like to redeem my bucks for Amazon gift cards.

  Search & Win

It's easy. When you are ready to search, go to and make sure you are logged in. Then, search away. The bucks are awarded randomly at different amounts, but they add up. You can also take part in daily polls, surveys, watch videos, etc. to earn more bucks. When I am awarded bucks for searching, they are usually anywhere from 5 bucks to 13 bucks (but higher bucks have been awarded). The daily poll earns 1 buck. A $5 Amazon gift card can be redeemed for 450 Swag Bucks. It might take a little while to earn some bucks, but you were going to search the web anyway, weren't you? 

When you rush over to Swag Bucks to sign up, be sure to click the banner in this post and I can get referral bucks when you get bucks. 

Help a girl out. Right now I'm trying to earn bucks to get some teacher books I'm wanting to read.

Search & Win

What are you waiting for? Your bucks await you! 

Go ahead, click the banner.



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