Friday, January 9, 2009

i might be lazy ... or maybe in a hurry

For Greg's work Christmas party I wore some cute, new peep toe shoes. I have had bare toe nails for a couple of months, so I slapped on some polish that afternoon. Not a professional pedicure quality job, but not sloppy either. 

Then this week I wore some boots that must have rubbed my big toes all the wrong ways because it rubbed half of the polish off.

In a rush to leave for work yesterday, I put on a pair of flats with a little more peep toe action goin' on. I look down and see two disgusting big toes peeping through with half the polish on. I considered putting knee-high nylons on and switching to a closed toe, but I didn't want to wear those shoes. 

So, I just pulled out the polish and painted those nasty big toenails with my shoes still on and gave them a shot of the blow dryer to speed up the drying. Then I ran out of the door.

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Danny and Paulette said...

Necessity is the mother of invention.