Thursday, January 1, 2009

we're hard to keep up with

Happy New Year!

How did you spend your New Year's Eve? In a Christmas letter, a friend of mine said her family was going to brave Times Square. Wow!

That can hardly hold a candle to the rockin' time we had last night, though. I know you will be envious of our life of glamour and intrigue. Try to keep the jealousy to a minimum, please. 

We started off the evening with take out Chinese food. Although the food was fine, nobody thought it was as good as our Chinese food place. But that place is across town. We didn't want to be out driving on New Year's.

After dinner Greg snuggled in the bed with the kids for a little bit at about 8ish. AND. FELL. ASLEEP!

The kids and I watched our planned movie. We had popcorn with M & Ms. After the movie I let the kids watch their shows while I read. 

Heather fell asleep on the couch at 11:00.

At 11:30, I laid in Stephanie's lap and fell asleep a little bit.

At 11:50, Stephanie woke me up to count down the New Year's. Actually, I don't think she realized I was asleep.

Her loud countdown and the neighbor's fire crackers woke Greg up from his nap. 

We stayed up until about 1:30, watching t.v., reading, and goofing off. Heather never woke up.

Now, I dare you. Keep up with that. Don't hurt yourself trying!


Danny and Paulette said...

We watched about a half hour of the NY festivities on tv then went to bed at 11:00. Good night. Happy new year.

Hopefull said...

We were at a party with friends and lots of children. The children were doing fine, playing upstairs - laughing, dress up, guitars....adults were done with eating, playing apples to apples, encore, texas hold 'em
Unitl 10:15pm....we adults went around the house changing ALL the clocks to 11:50pm. We thought we were so sneaking. But oh well, the kids called us on it as they looked at their ipods and cell phones!! We counted down anyway, cheers all around and called it 2009 (at about 10:50 pm)
have a great rest of vacation :)