Tuesday, February 10, 2009

something wrong

A few months ago, I bought these lamps for the sofa table. I found them on sale plus buy one get the other half off. To sweeten the deal, I had a gift card. The shopping gods were smiling down on me that day. Oh, I was giddy! I also got a new purse with the same gift card (and on sale). We'll talk about my addiction love for purses on another day.

These lamps are great! I love the way the detail on the lamp repeats the detail in the leaves of the pineapple. I love the satiny gold shades.

Ready for the something wrong? Now remember, I've had these lamps for a few months now. The other day, Greg told me to look carefully at the finials.

See that? Different!

I examined the rest of the lamps to see if in my sale-induced shopping stupor I bought two different lamps. Nope. Just the finials are different.

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