Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the day we nearly starved

I don't eat breakfast right when I wake up. I don't even make time for breakfast at home in the morning beside a nice glass of Ovaltine. I take breakfast to school with me and eat it before school or on my prep period, before the students arrive. It works for me. For years I've taken yogurt to for breakfast. It calmed my twitchy stomach while student teaching 72 years ago and has been a workday breakfast staple since then. Lately I've added some yummy granola to it. Heaven!

So yesterday, I have about 5 minutes before I have to get the kids. I'm talking to Suzanne in my room when I reach in my lunch bag for my yogurt and granola only to find that there's no yogurt. I forgot to get the yogurt from the fridge! Dang! And it's too late to head to the lounge for one of the breakfast hot pockets I have stashed in the freezer. Dang, again! So it's Cheez-Its for breakfast for me. I suppose I'll live.

Lunch time rolls around. I've got a frozen meal. Not my favorite way to go for lunch (I prefer leftovers.), but it will do. It's a shrimp & pasta one. For some reason the shrimp was not getting done. I had two choices 1) eat it anyway and risk heaving my lunch all over some unsuspecting 2nd grader from uncooked shrimp or 2) keep nuking that bad boy. In opted in favor of no stomach cramps and kept putting it in for 30 more seconds at a time. By the time the shrimp was cooked, the noodles were a soggy mess. I ate all the shrimp out and about two bites of the noodles, gagged, and threw it away. So I had a breakfast hot pocket at the last minute of my lunch.

Greg called me after school and asked me how was my lunch. I told him that actually it sucked. Now this man has been known to completely read my mind on more than one occasion ~ completely freaky. But I couldn't figure out why he was asking me this. Then he said, "How was my lunch?" I don't know, how was it? I started mentally running through the morning when I was packing his lunch and yes, I did remember the fork. I've been known to forget his utensils before. It became such a problem for a short while that he has some spare spoons and forks in his truck should that occur again. And then I realized...he does not have spare salad dressing in his truck! His main lunch item lately is a chef salad. Yesterday I forgot to pack the dressing. And yesterday he didn't have any money in his pocket because he left it on the shelf at home. So the poor guy ate his salad dry!

We had spaghetti for dinner. It was fine.

After dinner Greg declared to the kids that it was an early bed time night for all of us because mommy was so deliriously tired that she forgot to pack lunches and breakfasts completely.

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