Monday, April 20, 2009

something quite strange

Saturday was the craft show sponsored by Grandma Smith's community arts & crafts club. It was not very busy, but I did surprisingly ok ~ better than last time, I think. I recognized a lot of the same shoppers as the last one in October. They need some new shoppers, I think.

One lady, whom Grandma only just recently met, stopped by and took a nice look at the crafty wares I was peddling. Then she looked at me. She told me I am pretty, to which I smiled and thanked her. Then she said I am really pretty. Um, thanks, again.

Then she leaned in and studied me. I resisted the urge to be rude and pull back. Thank goodness for the table in between us that guarded my personal space! She leaned in a little more and inquired about my nationality. I told her that I'm no specific nationality, just a mix of this, that, and the other thing.

She didn't want to accept this answer and prodded me again. Now, I was starting to get a little flustered and just about ready to recite the parts of the list I know ~ a little Irish, English, Cherokee ~ when she asked if I am Spanish. I started to shake my head when I suddenly remembered (how could I forget?) and told her Portuguese. My grandfather (who I never knew) was full Portuguese. That makes me a quarter. That's the biggest chunk of one thing or another as far as I know. Satisfied she went on her way. Hey wait! You forgot to buy something!

I was completely baffled. No one has ever inquired about my nationality. That was strange itself. But then, for her to be able to pinpoint the largest piece of the genealogical pie stunned me. Does that really show in me? Hmm.

What do these pictures have to do with the story?


They are photo cubes. Remember the old photo cubes from the 70s? Maybe 80s? You know the plastic ones you slipped several photos inside? Well, these are better. They are a scrapbook on a cube. Just apply glue to your favorite picture and slap it on. Or just leave them naked cuz they're so dang cute on their own. Don't home accessorize without them.

Pssst ~ you can get them at the shop ~ to the right.

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