Saturday, April 11, 2009

dinner and the theater

Earlier this week, Greg and I were treated to the theater after dinner. We were given complimentary tickets to two exclusive performances. Both Stephanie and Heather put on their own play. Both plays were similar in that they involved a villain stealing something precious, while a morally driven audience member (the other kid) jumped in the play and tried to stop them. Of course, then some evil wrestling ensued. In the end, the villain was escorted to jail by the imaginary officials. The good guys really do win in the end, don't they?

As you can imagine, the plays were funny ~ even intended to be so. The audience members were given special star shaped glasses to wear during the performance, as well as assigned seating. The children forgot to take the actual size of an adult hiney when placing the seating cards on the floor. We nearly had to sit on top of each other!

The girls spent the day practicing and creating their outfits. I got a sneak preview of the outfits.

Every time the kids get these masks out, it's hilarious. With interchangeable pieces, there's no end to what they will come up with.

Oh, I am confused now. I thought this was a super hero costume, not an evil villain costume. She's got dress-up heels on underneath those boot covers.

She's trying to give me the evil stink eye. Too bad I just kept giggling at her.

Stephanie is waiting patiently for Heather to be done with her costume preview. She didn't want Heather to see her costume choice just yet.

Ooo, she's the pretty kind of evil villain.

There we go with the evil laugh!

Greg and I enjoyed our evening at the theater. It's nice to see them cooperate to accomplish their goals. It's nice to see their creativity. It's nice to see these old Halloween and dance recital costumes are being put to good use cuz they cost us a fortune in the first place!

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