Tuesday, April 28, 2009

in my own little world

This weekend we surprised the kids and took them to see the Hanna Montana movie. Heather and Stephanie were thrilled! It's a cute movie with a positive message. After the movie I asked them about the main theme of the movie. Stephanie said it is to appreciate what you've got. That's my girl!

Anyway, last night Greg bought the soundtrack for the girls. As he was leaving this morning he told me that he was planning on playing the Ho Down, Throw Down in the topside music mix this morning. You see, every morning he plays music for the guys who are unloading the cans. The right music gets them moving just a little bit faster. And the mix is varied with all sorts of music genres.

I laughed and said it would be hilarious if when it came on all the guys stopped what they were doing to bust a move. Come on, can't you see it? Several guys on the deck ~ pop it, lock it, and polka dot it. Then everyone down on the floor would join in. Greg laughed at me and said that would never happen. He said that none of the guys have seen the movie. Well, it my little world, they'd be stopping all work to countrify then hip hop in their FedEx uniforms.

boom dee clap

boom dee clap clap


Liz said...

Ok. I didnt know any girl young enough to be my excuse to go see that movie. But if I had, I'd have been there. Shhhh. Dont tell anyone. :)

Hopefull said...

that would make some music video! that song is so fun - but I am lost at trying to do the pop it lock it move :)