Saturday, May 30, 2009

inquiring minds want to know

Well, two minds are inquiring. Here are your answers.

Danny & Paulette want to know:

How old are you?
Well, I celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday every year.

Is it true that your husband can do anything (McGyver)?
Absolutely true! Soon after we first met Greg asked me if I wanted coach lights installed by the garage because he felt the front of my house was too dark and not so safe. I hesitantly said yes and started thinking about whether or not I had enough money to pay a professional to fix the mess he was bound to make. You see, the last guy I was with would have totally screwed that up! So I chewed my nails the whole time. The result? Pretty coach lights that looked like they were part of the original construction. Since then he has done countless projects and fix-it jobs. Never disappointing. So, anytime I need something constructed or fixed, I know I can count on him. The only thing different about Greg and McGyver is that Greg insists on doing the right way. No rig jobs for this guy!

Can we go to the park? (Heather question)
Nope. Too hot now. Check with me in late September.

Is Bruce Wayne really Batman?
I've been to the Bat Cave. I could tell you what you want to know, but then I'd have to turn you into a bat.

Can you stand on your head?
Mustard!? Don't let's be silly!

At what point did you become uninterested in my questions?
Huh? Oh, sorry. I think I might have drifted off there for a minute!

Which Disney character is your fave?
Um, that would Honestly, I don't know. I like so many for their different qualities. Greg Goofy is up there of course because he's just so, well, goofy. Tinkerbell is so cute and packs a wallop of spunk. Mickey is the ever faithful friend. I had a prom dress reminiscent of the lovely Cinderella. Don't make me pick!

How long is half of eternity?
Shorter than a day with 2nd graders!

Hopefull wants to know:

What state to you live in?
Now that depends. I alternately live in several states, but typically I'm in a state of confusion mixed with a little denial!

What is your best fam vacation?
We haven't been to too many places as a family. We repeat a lot. Every year we go to Disneyland, which really is the happiest place on earth. On longer California trips we have included Sea World. We also visit my brother and his cute family. We want to broaden our vacation horizons, but funds always seem to be an issue.

Greg and I went to Seattle on our honeymoon. Loved it there. We were also fortunate to be able to go Alaska two summers in a row (no kids). We are convinced we'd like to spend our summers in Alaska when we retire.

What is your favorite restaurant?
I LOVE Mexican food so my favorites there include Macayo's, Chevy's, and Baja Fresh. I'm pretty sure I can eat Mexican food every day. Outback and Macaroni Grill are also high on my favorites list.

Do you tent camp?
We have a tent and all the supplies that go with it. We went tent camping once when Stephanie was about a year and a half old. It was Memorial Day weekend. When we got to the campsite we found out the ground was still frozen and the water was not running. (We don't totally rough it.) No matter, we came prepared with lots of water. The day was so pretty and we had a nice time in the mountains. Night fell and it was time to go to sleep. It was a little chilly. I brought what I thought was the appropriate amount of blankets, but didn't realize we were going to be dealing with Arctic temperatures! We froze. We took Stephanie out of her pack-n-play & put her in between us so our body heat would keep her warm. We used everything we could find as a blanket, including Stephanie's blankets. It was miserable.

The next day, it was lovely again. We should have gone home, but we thought with such a pretty day the Arctic chill couldn't possibly be repeated. Except it was. About four in the morning we risked waking the other campers when we started Greg's truck, threw the camping supplies and unpacked tent in the back and high-tailed it home.

We haven't been tent camping since. Kinda scared.

Funny, you should ask this, though because when we were just at Wendy & Chris' house this past weekend, the subject of camping came up and we all said we want to take a big family camping trip this year. I will take every blanket we own!

Do your girls do chores? with chart?
The short answer is yes and no.

The long answer? I am not a disciplined housekeeper. I was not given chores, to speak of, as a child and was never really taught how to take care of a house. I learned everything I know by observation. That said, it's hard for me to instill the discipline of chores in my girls. I try. We have charts and they have their assigned duties. They are enthusiastic about it and check off their chores for about two or three weeks, then it all falls by the wayside. Then I just ask them to do things (which are mostly their assigned chores). We've even tried giving them an allowance based on the chores they complete. Agh! Just a lot to keep track of!

So there you have it! Everything you were dying to know.

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