Tuesday, May 19, 2009

invite me to your bbq & you will likely become blog fodder

Grandma Smith's nephew & his wife are in town, so we had a bbq at Greg's aunt Kathy's house. This was this season's swim debut for the kids. They were oh so eager to put on the new suits the Easter Bunny gave them. EB has a way of leaving new swim suits in their baskets. Lucky girls!

Doesn't it look like Heather is striking her Super Hero pose ~ especially with those goggles! Don't worry, Heather will save you.

Away we go! Check out the big breath in those cheeks. Gianna is making sure she watches Heather's every move. She watches these girls closely. She wants to be a big girl with them.

Stephanie and Heather love a chance to see Greg's cousin, Kayla. She's just so cool and fun. Kayla is going to school to be a teacher. I try not to let her see the worn-out-I-smell-like-a-second-grader side of me. She's gonna be a fabulous teacher. And seeing Gavin again isn't too bad either!

Where are the rest of the pictures?? Uh, I don't know. These are the only ones that ended up on my camera.

Still early in the swim season, once the sun moves down in the sky, it gets a little chilly in the pool. The popsicly girls trouped up to Kathy's room to watch t.v. A little bit later, Kathy comes out to tell us that the girls might have questions later about what they saw in her room. (cue the needle scratching across the record).


Minds begin to race. And in not the cleanest of places.

Greg, Tony, Wendy, and I are standing there with our chins dangling at our knees, just wondering what is coming next. Kathy tells us that they saw her tiara and wand (fake of course) that someone at her office gave her a while back and started asking questions. Well, Kathy went with it and told them how they could hold the magic wand, concentrate really hard, and make a wish. Gianna wanted to know if they had to close their eyes. Kathy said if that's what she felt like doing to go ahead. I can just see the three of them, sitting there with rapt attention, trying to figure out what they will wish for when it is their turn to hold the wand. Hey, when do I get to hold the wand?

Fast forward to the ride home. The kids asked me if I knew she was a queen and speculated what she could be the queen of. There were more speculative comments, but I was so busy trying not to bust up laughing that I couldn't concentrate. And then my mind jumped to a time when the kids were really little and we were having a largish family gathering in a restaurant. The kids decided they'd blow bubbles in their water. Greg and I were quick to stop that inappropriate public behavior. Kathy encouraged them and blew bubbles right along with them!

When we were getting ready to leave the bbq, Kathy commented on how nicely I was dressed (thanks, I needed that) and asked if I always dress like this for work. Well, mostly. Danny said it was no use to butter me up now that she was already blog fodder.

So, Kathy, yes, you are most surely blog fodder now. No one is safe. Although, like I told Danny, being blog fodder is not always a bad thing.

Thanks for hosting the bbq, Kathy. We had a great time. You can be blog fodder any time you want!

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