Sunday, May 31, 2009

why oh why

I love Dr. Pepper! I've had a love affair with the Dr. for many, many years. I drink it first thing in the morning and just before going to bed. Don't forget all the hours in between. My students tease me year after year about being a Pepper. I'm a Pepper. Of course, they probably don't know the jingle.

And now there's Dr. Pepper Cherry (not to be confused with the cherry vanilla which it totally gross). Equally as delicious. It tastes like someone opened my DP and poured maraschino cherry juice in it. Lovely.

So, tell me why is soda up to $5 and more a 24-pack these days. Why? Highway robbery! Greg's beloved Pepsi is just as high. Are people really paying that price? Cuz I tell you, we are not.

We've been forced over to the dark side ~ the side of Big K. That's right, you heard me don't make me repeat it. Sniff. Greg drinks Drop Red (some highly caffeine-infused cherry thing) and I'm clutching a Dr. K. We are protesting by only buying the brand name sodas when they are the same price (or lower) as their step-brothers and sisters.

Here we sit...waiting...for the price to come down so I can be a Pepper again.


Hopefull said...

I grounded my teenager son from his ipod last week - why? because he drank my last diet coke! I told him to stay away-they are just so expensive these days! Its like gold in my frig or something!

Thanks for answering the questions! Im glad you mentioned Alaska - we (hubby and I only) were considering a summer second honeymoon there.

Amber said...

Thanks for coming over my way!! I love meeting new friends!!

Girl, I feel you on the brand name goodness. Nothing makes me happier than a ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper. Ahem. Sitting in my fridge. Ice cold Diet Dr. Thunder. Not the same. So not the same.

I heart your blog. Your girls are precious. Your crafty goodness is beautiful. And I just like you.

Twins, indeed.

Sarah Dawn said...

Just found your blog. Goodness, you are talented, I'm loving the crafts. And the soda, well some may say pop, is just perfect. We live out of the country, so the off brands are even worse, my boys have switched to Tang. I just love the orange smiles and kisses.

Hugs for your day,
Sarah Dawn