Thursday, May 28, 2009

soggy when wet

The weekend before last was spent doing science fair projects and tackling Mt. Laundry. Let me tell you, this was all we could handle in one small weekend! I gave up control of neatly folded and put away laundry ~ this is a big step for me people. I made the kids fold and put away all their own laundry. It's good for them even though their drawers aren't as neat as I prefer. I'll just keep repeating that until I'm convinced.

Anyway, back to the science.

Heather tested the absorbency of three brand of paper towels. She colored the water (not necessary, but fun), soaked the towel for three minutes, then measured the amount of water left over.

She tested Viva, Bounty, and Target brand. Guess which one absorbed the most. Most people have guessed Bounty. I guess their advertising dollar has been well-spent. Nope, Bounty came in last. Viva was the most absorbent, followed by Target brand. Grandma will be pleased since Viva is her favorite. Still, I'm not paying that much. Target brand is fine for us!

Heather insisted I take this picture for her board. It looks like...well, never mind.

Stephanie tested the saturation of various sands & soils. We took her to the rock place close to our house and she had a nice discussion with the office lady as she helped Stephanie gather her samples. The lady was very helpful and seemed excited that Stephanie would choose this project.

Stephanie carefully measured and weighed her soil samples, water, and soggy soil. We bought the kids these graduated cylinders to make their measuring easier and more precise.

Stephanie tested 8 products. The lawn mix had the least amount of run-off. You can be confident purchasing this for your brand new grass seed ~ hmm, we did.

After hours of testing, computer work, and board prep, their boards turned out really well. Stephanie gave her class presentation yesterday. Her teacher complimented her because she spoke loudly & clearly, and did not face her board while she was speaking.

Heather also presented her board to her class. Science fair projects are not required for grades 1 and 2 ~ merely optional. She was the only one in her class who did one.

I'm so proud of these monkeys! They worked really hard on their projects.

Oh, and check out the cute bandanna skirts they are wearing.

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