Saturday, December 18, 2010

humbug and a major award

This holiday season, Heather made her big break onto the stage as an actor in her drama club's performance of Humbug. It was a little play where the teacher, Mrs. Ebenezer, has lost her enthusiasm for teaching. There are visitations of ghosts. You get the idea.

During the dress rehearsal, Heather showed up on stage with this hat on and I busted out laughing. It's so outrageous and cute at the same time. When she is in high school, she will just wither with embarrassment!

Heather had a small part ~ one line ~ at the end of the play. Plus she had to share that line with another drama club member. Although it was not the part she dreamed of, she did a swell job.

This past week, Stephanie had her first band concert. Over 100 kids who just learned how to hold an instrument, read music, make noise on an instrument? That's quite a feat, so my expectations were low. I had been listening to Stephanie practice, so I knew how well she was playing. But everyone else? Who knew!

We were pleasantly surprised. I thought they were amazing. Each section (woodwinds, brass, etc.) played a little selection by themselves. They ended with a larger medley piece.

Just before the medley, the band director said a few words about how hard the kids have worked and how much they've had to learn in just a few months. Then she gave out a few awards. Stephanie was the first band member to get an award for being an outstanding oboe player. She mentioned how Stephanie takes her instrument home every day to practice and spends a lot of time practicing. The award was a surprise to all of us.

As always, I sit in the audience and watch my little lovlies on the verge of tears with a grapefruit-sized lump in my throat. They bring me such joy and I am so proud of them. When they choose to do something ~ dance, drama, instruments, singing ~ they also make a choice to give it their best efforts. That, alone, makes me happy. The fact that they are good at what they try makes it even better!

I don't know if I can take all this growing up!

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